Girls in Film represents, champions and connects the new generation of female, non binary and trans creatives in the film industry.


With a book of contacts and years of experience in film production, GiF is taking on the active role of forging meaningful collaborations between film creatives, brands, institutions and media to create original and engaging film content.
Animated office worker smashes keyboard.
Anna Mantzaris

ONLINE PLATFORM is a video platform that provides a showcase for compelling and groundbreaking short films, music videos, artistic moving image, documentaries, animation and other videos created by bold female filmmakers around the world.
Woman read a book in the bath
Mashie Alam


Girls in Film is an open and democratic worldwide community, made up of new generation filmmakers, creatives and fans. Our community engages in and progresses discussions around equality and representation in film. We invite women to collaborate with GIF on regional branches.
Gang of women pose with cameras
I See You


GiF events provide an opportunity to connect the global network of female filmmakers. We present their work to the industry at large, creating a space for conversation and collaboration. To date we have organised events in London, Prague, New York, Los Angeles, Mauritius, Amsterdam and South Africa.
Fashionable women party
Mar del Corral
For Hemma